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Top 20 Must-Have Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

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With advent of technology, nearly everything has changed. Even the ways with what we learn things have changed a great deal. Mobile technology has become integral part of some educational institutions. A large number of educational institutions have switched to e-books and electronic gadgets and have discontinued using paper notebooks, etc.

There are institutions that provide access of mobile technology, both to teachers and students, and such educational houses have embraced iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches in their educational system. Teachers have been teaching different concepts with help of different apps.

In this way, they are communicating with larger number of students and inspiring their creativity at the same time. Nearly all levels of classes are being imparted education through mobile devices and apps. No wonder the face of education is changing, and the days are not far away when your children will learn everything from A to Z on such mobile devices.

Today, we bring you 20 of the best and must-have educational apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. These apps can be utilized for different levels of classes. Not only these apps educate the students effectively, but students also take keen interest in learning with help of mobile devices and apps. Nearly all of these apps have been recommended by teachers and educators. Come, let us have a look at these educational apps.

List Of Must-Have Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Star Walk

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Star Walk is an app for kids who have interest in astronomy. The ones who aspire to become astronomer can get a great deal of help with this app. Star Walk is an app for your iPad that shows you a virtual planetarium. The user just has to point the iPad towards the sky and he/she will be able to see all the stars, constellations, satellites, comets and other celestial bodies in real-time.

The app uses your iPad’s built-in GPS system and shows the celestial bodies at their instantaneous positions. The app also lets the user know the celestial body’s distance (from earth) and other related information regarding it. This interactive astronomy guide is perfect for science students. Star Walk costs just $4.99.

BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPop is an app that has set of different educational movies. These movies teach your kids different things each day. The movies focus on variety of subjects and also feature different sets of quizzes. With this app in your iPad or iPhone, your kid can score good marks in subjects like language arts, science, mathematics, social studies, etc. It is one of the best apps to have in your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, as it helps increase the overall knowledge of your kid. BrainPOP Feature Movie app comes for absolutely free!


Edmodo is a classroom management app that can prove to be highly beneficial, both for kids and teachers. Edmodo allows the users to share information, files, and documents in a hassle-free and quick manner. In fact, it is one of the most commonly used classroom management app in some schools. The app is loved by teachers and students because it is easy to use and extremely quick. Edmodo can prove to be great for students above 8th grade. This app is absolutely free for iPhone and iPad users.


As the name suggests, this app is dedicated to art. The app consists of different pieces of art, including several paintings and creations that can be used to increase your or kids’ knowledge regarding the matter. Again, this app can be utilized for quiz purposes in your institution. So, equip yourself with best of knowledge in this domain and quiz your friends and relatives. This app is appropriate for teachers and older students. Art app is available only for iPhone and costs $0.99.

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

When it comes to chemistry, periodic table is what we are afraid of. It is so confusing, but very essential to learn. With this app in your iPad, it will be very easy for your kid to learn the periodic table. This app lets the children learn about the periodic table in an interesting and hands-on way. Just choose an element and you will be able to see various objects made of that element in a 3D view. It is an interesting app that brings life to learning. This app is perfect for students between 8th to 12th standard. For this app, you will need to pay $13.99. Sadly, only iPad users can get this app.

Mad Libs

This is an app to improve the language of your kid. There are times when your kid gets some parts of speech wrong, and it usually happens when he/she is below 5 years of age. Mad Libs has been especially designed for kids between ages 1 to 5. The app enables the kids to review the parts of speech and create silly stories simultaneously. Your kid can learn and have fun with this app, all at the same time. Only iPhone users can have this app for free!

Frog Dissection

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Most of the students feel fearful while dissecting a frog. In any case, they go ahead to dissect the organism, but feel guilty about their act, at times. If it is to let the students know the internal organs of a frog, this app solves the purpose perfectly. Frog Dissection is an app that lets the students dissect a virtual frog. The app gives you a scenario of a laboratory (as in your school) with the frog pinned at the limbs.

The app also gives you a marker to mark the points, scissors to open the abdomen, and scalpel and forceps to poke and prod the soft internal organs. All in all, you will feel as if you are slicing a real frog and looking into it. For help, a robotic female voice guides you through the process (just like your teacher does). This app is perfect for biology students who have to dissect a frog as part of their curriculum. Frog Dissection is available only for iPad users and can be had from App Store for $3.99 only.


In all the educational institutions, stress is laid on overall development of the students. Students who are good in sports are channeled towards sports activities and the ones who are good in music are canalized towards musical activities.

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Now, schools can use this app very effectively for students who have their inclination towards music. GarageBand is an app that lets the students create music and improves their rhythm and counting ability. GarageBand is perfect for students from 2nd to 12th standards. iPhone and iPad users can have this app for $4.99.


Obviously, as the name suggests, it is an app to aid your mathematics skills. This is an app for kids studying between 1st to 5th standard. MathBoard drills the students for basic mathematical functions like subtraction, addition, division, multiplication, etc. It can be used by teachers to format tests and quizzes; and the same can be saved or timed. Only iPad users can have this app for $4.99.

Phonics and Reading Lite

Phonics and Reading Lite is a learning app that is perfect for your kids. With this app, parents can lay a strong foundation for their kids to have great reading and comprehension skills. This is a high quality app for iPad and iPhone users that teachers kids to read by using phonics and sight words. The app consists of well-structured lessons that develop the kids’ skills in a perfect way. This is a must-have and perfect app for your preschoolers and kindergarteners. Phonics and Reading Lite can be had by iPad and iPhone users for free!

History: Maps of the World

Here comes an app that will prove to be a blessing for students of social studies. This app features numerous maps of different kinds of whole world. The app also includes ancient maps, political maps, physical maps, etc. Your kids would never be able to score low after learning via this app. The app is perfect for students from grade 4 to 12. Only iPad and iPhone users can have this app for free. Maps from this app can also be displayed on your computer screen.

Motion Math HD

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Again, as the name suggests, this is app to develop mathematical skills of your kids. Actually, Motion Math HD is a game that requires the player to place numbers and other mathematical signs (like fractions, decimals, percentages, etc.) on a proper location on a number line.

In order to play this game, the user uses the gyroscope of iPad and tilts the device to place the number/sign at the right place. However, the game is easy to learn, but becomes extremely challenging after some levels. Motion Math HD is a great game that will help your kids understand about numbers in a fun way. It is perfect for students between 3rd to 6th grade. Only iPad users can have this game for $2.99.

3D Brain

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

Biology students have to study human anatomy at a very early age; and this knowledge is carried forward to all the educational levels thereafter. 3D Brain is an app that has been especially designed for biology students from classes 4th to 12th. The app features three-dimensional image of a human brain with all the details of different parts. All in all, the app describes nearly all the parts of a human brain. It can also be used by teachers to teach about brain, its parts, and its functioning. This amazing app is available for iPhone and iPad users for free.

Professor Garfield Cyberbullying

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

This particular app is used to teach the students about internet safety. Animated professor Garfield and his friends give out anti-bullying messages and strategies to students in order to deal with cyberbullies. Again, this is a must-have app in your mobile device. The app is perfect for students of 3rd to 6th standard. Only iPad users can use this app for free.


Toontastic is a fantastic cartoon app! Yes. This app brings out the real creativity in your kid. With Toontastic, you can make your own animated characters and make a whole story while moving them around and recording your voice. The interface is really interesting and easy to use. Users can choose characters from Toontastic library and place them in different scenarios.

You can use your own background or get one from the library. This is great app that will prove to be highly beneficial for your kids. The app will teach language arts and hone their creativity. Toontastic is especially designed for kids up to 12th grade. iPhone and iPad users can have this app for $1.99.

Stack the States

This is a fun app that teaches kids about United States of America. This educational app is actually a geography quiz game that asks the users various questions regarding U.S. states. Users get rewards and prizes for right answers. This app is perfect for kids studying social studies and geography. It has been especially designed for students between 1st to 5th grade. Only iPad and iPhone users can have this app for $0.99. Again, this is a must-have app in your mobile device. With this app, your kid would not be able to score low in geography and social studies.


Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

This is official NASA app that features numerous images and videos from space. It also features a calendar of their missions and launch schedules. The app proves to be really beneficial for aspiring astronauts, as it provides a lot of information regarding satellites and their launch methods. The app has been especially designed for students up to 12th grade. Only iPhone users can have this app for free. It is a must-have app in your mobile device as it increases your general knowledge about the agency (NASA).

Number Line

Number Line is an amazing game that helps you put decimals, fractions, percentages, and other mathematical signs in right order. The app has been especially designed for students from 2nd to 8th grade. With this app in your mobile device, your kid will be able to better understand the mathematical calculations and concepts. Only iPhone users can have this app for free.

Project Noah

Educational iPhone & iPad Apps

This is an amazing utility and educational app for students of biology, ecology, and botany. Project Noah helps you spot and document the fauna and flora in your local area. The app will give you nearly all the details about the plants and animals you pick. Project Noah has been especially designed for students from grades 2nd to 12th. Only iPhone users can have this app for free. Again, a very effective and useful educational app for your kids/students.


StoryKit is an app that brings out the creativity of students. With this app, students can create their own storybooks by adding text and images. StoryKit has been designed for students under 12th grade. It is an app that will enhance the overall creativity of your kids/students. Only iPhone users can have this app for free.

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