Cold outreach automation platform: Snovio review

Email marketing is not a simple process. People consider it to be just designing some banners and HTML email templates and sending emails to prospects. But email marketing is much more than that. You need to identify correct email addresses, design proper campaigns, send out emails, and then make regular follow-ups too. What happens if the beautifully designed email template does not reach the intended users? Obviously, it becomes of no use.

This awful thing has been a part of my business for the last six months. I’ve spent lots of money on email marketing but the return on investment was meager. Most emails bounced back and the conversion rate was really low. Then, I came across Snovio platform. I was reluctant to try it out, but I was won over by their freemium. After having used it for just a month, my conversion rate went high. It is a really amazing platform which is worth a try. Which is why I want to share this tool with you. Hopefully, you will try it and see all its advantages.

There are 3 amazing services offered by Snovio that are a must-have for all businesses. They are Email Finder, Email Verifier, and Email Drip Campaigns.

Email Finder

While doing email marketing, you might necessarily not have email ids of all managerial people in the organization to which you are sending out emails. Mostly on websites, the sales or support team email ids are listed out. These people are not the decision making authority in any organization. So how do you reach to the people at the top? Email finder by Snovio is the product that you need. It gives you the list of all emails associated with the domain name you enter and then you can choose the people whom you want to send out emails to.

Moreover, you can perform a search for email addresses on any webpage, not only on the company’s. Go to the professional social network (either company profile page or search page) or search engine page and activate the extension and within a minutes all emails available on this or that page will be displayed. After that, you can add the IDs to one of the prospects lists.

Email Verifier

Invalid email IDs can eat up the money that you spend on email marketing. If you are sending out emails for promoting the products and services, at least it should reach the users. Email verifier from Snovio comes at a rescue. You can validate a single email address or lists and it ensures that all the emails are accurate and non-real can be deleted. So with this email verifier, promotions will reach out to the leads.

Drip Email Campaigns

With this tool by Snovio, you can create automated email campaigns with follow-ups. It is super easy to use and 100% effective tool. Emails that you send out are personalized so that the customers get a personal touch and it makes the email marketing much more effective. Additionally, you can set triggers and delays, so the leads will get the emails from you only when they perform a definite action. There is provision to track the performance of the emails too and campaign statistics for free. There is no charge per email basis like other platforms.

So if you too want to grow the numbers of the sales, then you must definitely try out Snovio for free. I bet, within a month you would opt for the paid plan just like I did. Also, the Snovio Labs blog provides amazing email marketing tips that are a must-have for every business.


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