Points To Bear In Mind When You Create A Web Design Portfolio Online

A web design portfolio is your own website which showcases some of your best work and the projects which you have handled. It will inform potential clients about the services which you offer. When you develop a portfolio for web design you have to create a unique and functional website which features information about the web sites which you have worked on. Your portfolio website should include testimonials from clients and correct contact information. Potential clients should be able to contact you easily. By following the steps which are mentioned in the primer you can easily create a web design portfolio website.

Designing portfolio website

Make sure that you use of a unique design and avoid using templates. Keep the design simple and clear. Your portfolio website should be easy to navigate and functional. Do not forget to simplify and streamline the menu items. Consolidate the pages to keep the navigation simple. A logo and a tagline play an important role. The logo is the brand and the tagline will speak more about you. In this short attention span internet age it is important to capture the attention of the audience. A clear logo and an impressive tagline will have a positive impact on your target audience.

Taglines and logos

The tagline which you use in your web design portfolio would be short and descriptive. It should answer the questions which the clients have in their mind. Be quick to answer the question “why”. Potential clients should be able to contact you easily. The easier it is for a prospective client to contact you higher are the chances that you will get web design projects. It is important that you categorize your work so that browsing the portfolio is easier for the potential clients. You can earn the trust of prospective clients with the help of testimonials.


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Creating web design portfolio

You can consider adding a downloadable version of your resume which can be easily printed. Including a PDF version is a wise idea. Mention clearly the services which are offered by you and the work which you handle. Make sure that you add information about yourself. Add a brief description about yourself and you can add your social networking links as well. Do not forget to make your web design portfolio unique. It should stand out from your competitors and prospective clients should be convinced before they contact you. It is important for your career that you present your work in a professional and accessible manner.

Staying ahead of others

Make sure that you include case studies in your design portfolio. Real life case studies and recommendations will indicate how capable and competent you are. You can ask a previous client for a recommendation which you can add to your web design portfolio. Design in your online portfolio should be simple and classy. The logo you use should be eye-catching. You should make it clear why clients will hire you. To succeed it is important that you cater to diverse tastes. Lay focus on the web site content instead of focusing on SEO.

Enhancing portfolio on web design

In the portfolio you can mention about the websites that you have worked for. Mention about the clients for whom you have worked. You must feature your bets work on the portfolio website. You can offer a screenshot of the sites for which you have worked and provide a link to the live website. You can add a description of the approach which you adopted in designing the sites. If you have a blog which demonstrates your expertise in the field of web design you can add the link to your portfolio.


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