Securing Your Smartphone with Ingenious Mobile App Developments

Have you ever thought about how much you would lose if your smartphone disappeared from your pocket, purse or even right out of your hand? Because we have turned to a life of technology in recent years, most smartphone users have access to everything from their home address to their bank accounts and credit card information right on their phone. If you could imagine losing access to all of that information, and being in the hands of a complete stranger, then you are likely one of the many fearful individuals who needs to think about the security of your phone.

Just as mobile app development has helped to make our lives easier, and hosts our personal information, there are plenty of apps that have been created to help secure your phone and help protect your privacy too! Want to learn about what threats affect mobile users most? Check out this helpful video by ComputerWeekly (at the bottom of the page) which informs smartphone users of some of the security dangers they face. Then, take a look at some of the security app options you should consider to protect yourself!

Securing Your Smartphone with Ingenious Mobile App Developments


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Password Protectors

Because your smartphone is a common place to hide the passwords to your most personal accounts, there are many apps that allow you to safely protect these passwords even if you phone has been stolen. Each mobile platform offers different password protector apps, some better than others, but it is easy to do so when you read reviews of each application.

Personal Information Protectors

Our phones are also homes to some of our personal photos, videos and even addresses that we don’t want a stranger, or even someone we don’t trust, having access to. For that reason there are plenty of mobile apps that serve to hide your most private phone information from prying eyes, including the Android app NQ Mobile Vault. With the help of apps such as this one, you can feel confident letting someone borrow your phone or losing it, knowing that your private items are private!

All-Around Security Suites

Just as your desktop computer has a firewall and anti-virus software installed on it, you can actually use an app to do the same for your phone. For instance, Bitdefender, the same maker of the desktop security software, offers an app that is free to download (unless you want the premium version) and can help secure your phone from third-party prying eyes, has an anti-theft feature and more. This isn’t the only security app that can be downloaded, you just have to find a reliable one for your phone platform and check out the reviews!

Keep in mind that your mobile device can speak wonders about your personal life, and in the wrong hands it can easily become a headache and nightmare for you. By downloading a quality app that has been dedicated solely to your protection, you can feel a little more secure with your technology and what you use it for.


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