Mis-Sold Pension Website Design

We a Manchester-based Company, were hired to design and upload a new webpage for Mis Sold Pension, . is an experienced company specialising in missold claims and pensions.

They wanted a web page to inform people who had lost money through dodgy financial investments based on badly researched investments. The target group was mainly retirees who had put in and lost entire pensions, through no fault of theirs but only because they had relied on the advice of unprofessional financial advisers who were not safeguarding their client”s hard earned money, but transferring the pensions to risky and unprofitable schemes just so that they could get their own commissions.

We had to build a website design page which would be simple to understand, yet explained in layman”s terms, that it was easy and possible to get back lost claims and pensions. We had to incorporate several basic website principles on the page, such as;


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  1. We had to reach out to new customers
  2. We had to make our message loud and clear, that mis-sold claims were reclaimable.
  3. We had to interact with our customers, to know who they were and what they wanted.
  4. We had to open up a two-way communication through our contact form.

Once we had done that, we had to opt for the best marketing strategy by using the best optimisation methods for the website such as SEO or Search Engine Optimization . This was imperative as these SEO tools;

  1. Increased traffic. Without visitors to the page, it would be a futile exercise. We had to get to the top positions in search engine pages like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Through the use of the correct keywords, we had to increase our web traffic.
  2. SEO tools would help us keep track of traffic and conversion rates. It was a case of which keywords gave us the highest return on investment.
  3. We had to keep down costs by getting more inquiries from buyers looking for our type of products. It was a rearranged form of cold calling where we got the potential client to call us, instead of us calling them.

We had to make our site very user-friendly. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, who are the world leaders in research-based user experience, most users stick around less than 59 seconds. If you don’t capture their attention in 59 seconds, they are gone

for The Marketing Team can make your marketing campaign a very successful one because we have been in this business long enough to know that it is not the number of visitors to a site that is important. What is really important is the conversion rate, which is where the visitors end up buying rather than doing some window shopping and then moving way.

Our sole aim is to target conversions with punchy keywords that aid in immediate conversions. We walk you through the setting up process and are with you every step of the way by assigning one dedicated account manager to you, who will prepare weekly or monthly reports to show you the progress made every week.


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