Benefits and Challenges of CMMS implementation

Small businesses go through various challenges every day, right from people management, financial planning to increasing their yearly profits. Therefore to meet these uphill numbers, the managers are constantly on a look out for new methods and technics that can enhance their numbers.

This challenge is clearly observed in the manufacturing sector where the maintenance managers are always struggling to keep a record of their equipment health, to ensure maximum performance and productivity.

To address this problem, many companies have adopted the CMMS system. However there are many, who have still not adapted the technology because of financial reasons or due to lack of understanding of the software. They are yet to understand how CMMS can contribute towards the growth of their business.


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CMMS can bring about a plethora of benefits to the organization, let’s look at some of them:

  • CMMS reduces data-entry time by providing customizable fields.
  • With the help of CMMS, managers can easily assign work from anywhere with the help of the mobile application.
  • Small business can opt for cloud-based systems to avoid the cost of costly servers.
  • CMMS helps employees to resume work with shorter implementation time.
  • It can generate accurate reports to decrease labor costs and minimize downtime
  • It increases accountability of tasks assigned to employees

Undoubtedly CMMS is a boon to every industry. However, there are few challenges that stop organizations from adapting this technology, let’s understand them in detail.

Fear of New Technology

Technicians often fear new technology because they believe that technology can replace them and make their presence redundant. Also there is a huge resistance from workers, towards learning a new way of working. They struggle to come out of their comfort zones to adapt something new. In such a situation, the software can be a waste of money, since no one would be ready to use it.

However there is a solution to this problem, managers should involve the maintenance technicians during the CMMS implementation process and allow them to experience the software while the demo is being given by the vendor. Also it is important for technicians to undergo an extensive training on how to operate the software. Once they start using it, they will understand that the software reduces their work and makes it easier to manage and not treat it as their replacement.

Cost of CMMS implementation

After usability comes cost, for facility managers their major job is to control cost and thus they look at CMMS as an added investment. Many companies refrain from implementing it due to high server installation charges.

Well, the only solution to this problem is to understand the amount of money spent on reactive maintenance and calculate it with the cost of implementing the software. One thing is for sure, preventive maintenance can not only control your maintenance cost, but it can also enhance the overall productivity of your unit. Also, companies can now save on their server cost by adopting a cloud-based system that is more efficient and cost-effective.

Wrong data input during implementation

CMMS is a software that works on the data feeded into the system. During implementation, if the entered data is incorrect then the CMMS will start processing your maintenance as per the incorrect data entered. Organizations often assume it to be a software error, but this is infact a human error.

The solution to this issue is very simple. During implementation involve all departments to come together, verify the data across departments and only once it is confirmed, integrate it into the CMMS software. A small communication gap between departments can lead to a big loss.


Although there are various challenges of the CMMS software, yet one cannot deny the benefits that the software offers. It is great tool that every business should adapt to build a strong and efficient maintenance strategy.


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